A Space-Saving Folding Gurney

The Olympic Fold-Up Gurney™ is featherlight – weighs only 22 pounds – yet incredibly strong.

We use large diameter, thick-walled tubing, and permanently weld all structural joints, so there is nothing to work loose, wobble or bend, allowing you to confidently transport patients up to 200 pounds with ease.

Removable Stretchers that Save Backs

The top of the Fold-Up is a removable Stretcher that makes it easy to lift and lower heavier dogs – and reduces back injuries. Holes on the ends of the stretcher fit over posts on the cart. The stretcher is held securely – yet lifts off quickly.

Now… Lift the Stretcher, not the Patient.

With an Olympic Fold-Up, you take the stretcher to where the patient is – whether it’s in the back of a vehicle or on the floor – and you slide the patient onto the stretcher. This means no more awkward lifting of active patients, a major source of back injuries. 

Converts Instantly from Transport to Exam Use

The Fold-Up Gurney includes both a Soft Stretcher and a Hard Stretcher. Both are radiolucent and can go straight to x-ray for gross examination. The soft stretcher will comfortably cocoon an injured patient. The hard stretcher serves both as a spine board and as an extra exam or treatment table.  Both include 2 Velcro® straps.

One Person Can Roll it Anywhere

Operators are always surprised at how easy it is to roll and steer a Fold-Up Gurney. It is a great labor saver, because just one person can safely roll a heavy dog down narrow hallways, turn tight corners, and move between crowded exam rooms, x-ray, surgery and recovery areas. Steering handles at both ends add to the maneuverability. Ideal for mobile practices.

Compact Storage Compact Storage – Only 8 inches deep. Always read to use.

Soft stretcher cocoons patients. Hard stretcher provides firm spine board and doubles as an extra exam or treatment table.

Lift-off Stretchers – Safer. Easier. Faster.

An extra exam or treatment table – Firm, non-slip surface with four locking casters.

Rolls and steers easily – Large casters and steering handles at both ends. Turns on a dime.

Soft Stretcher Features

  • Herculite stretcher fabric – Medical grade fiber-reinforced polymer. Wipes clean. Non-absorbent. Anti-microbial. Strong and tear-resistant.
  • Cover snaps securely onto frame and is replaceable.
  • 4 feet welded to frame provide standoffs so you can slip your fingers under the stretcher to lift it off the floor.

Hard Stretcher Features

  • Converts gurney into treatment or exam table and serves as a spine board for patients that require immobilization.
  • Firm, non-slip surface allows anxious patients to secure a grip. Warmer than stainless alternatives.
  • Molded of reinforced polymer with solid fill. Wipes clean.
  • Fluids drain to port with integrated bucket hook 

Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Weighs only 27 pounds
  • 200# weight capacity with soft stretcher and 250# weight capacity with hard stretcher.
  • Comfortable 36” height
  • Steering handles on both ends of gurney 

Suitable for Outdoor Emergency Use

  • Large 5” casters roll smoothly on rough pavement
  • Durably baked powder coating will stand up to the elements.

A stretcher built for ergonomic comfort – Welded standoffs assure stretcher is easy to lift.

Hard stretcher is molded of reinforced polymer. Non-slip surface. Wipes clean. Radiolucent.

Lightweight and easy to handle. Turns on a dime.

Ordering Options

Versa-Lift Models
  • 50602  Olympic Fold-Up Gurney™ with Soft Stretcher.
  • 50604  Olympic Fold-Up Gurney™ with Soft Stretcher and Hard Stretcher.
  • 50680  Olympic Soft Stretcher. Aluminum frame with Herculite™ soft cover. 46” x 22” patient area. Features 4 integrated feet for easy lifting off floor and 2 Velcro™ straps for patient restraint. Weight capacity 200#. Radiolucent for x-ray examination. Wipes clean with any common veterinary disinfectant.
  • 50685  Olympic Hard-Top Stretcher. 51” x 24” patient area. Molded of reinforced polymer to provide a firm, non-slip patient exam surface. Contoured design drains fluids to a port at the end of the stretcher. Integrated hook to hang bucket for fluid collection. Weight capacity 300#. Radiolucent for x-ray examination. Wipes clean with any common veterinary disinfectant.
Replacement Parts
  • 50606  Replacement cover for Olympic Soft Stretcher. Snaps onto aluminum frame. No tools required.

Soft Stretcher For lifting and transferring patients. Plastic fabric is medical grade Herculite®. Anti-microbial. Wipes clean. X-ray transparent for gross evaluations.

Hard Stretcher Converts the Fold-Up into a treatment table. Molded of rigid reinforced polymer. Non-slip surface. Wipes clean. Drains into bucket (not furnished).

Our experience with the Olympic Fold-Up Gurney has been amazing. It replaced another soft stretcher that we used without a gurney. It has been fantastic for rolling our bigger/sedated patients from surgery to recovery to radiology. I am very happy with this product and will be purchasing from this company again! Thanks.

Kelly Welch, Technician
Animal Medical Center of Batesville
Batesville, AR

This past year, a generous donor approached the veterinary team at the John Ball Zoo asking what piece of  equipment they may be able to purchase for the zoo that could make a practical daily difference. After much discussion, we decided on the Olympic Fold-Up Gurney, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. This gurney has combined the convenience of a compact, lightweight, easily stored piece of equipment with the versatility that we didn’t even realize we needed. Not only has the gurney served in the traditional role of patient transport, but with the tabletop option, we have been able to utilize the table to stage equipment during larger procedures and have a portable exam table to take with us when we work on site in the zoo. This gurney has really proven to be an excellent addition to the John Ball Zoo’s animal hospital in so many ways.

Ryan Colburn, DVM
John Ball Zoo
Grand Rapids, MI